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Fiddler has been behind the decks reaching back to the late eighties, and like many, his DJ path began at a young age. He was drawn to the new emerging electronic sounds of Depeche Mode, while embracing the rock energy of The Police and Pink Floyd. It was pre-internet, pre-iPod, pre-Motorola flip, and just vinyl. It was a path straight through the early nineties rave movement, through the San Francisco Psychedelic Trance explosion, and through the Bay Area House progression. These days, Fiddler can be heard playing a soulful and sexy mix of House and Deep House, as well as Jazz-infused Downtempo.

Fiddler played a key role in pioneering the Red Music Academy Radio division, in order to help bring the events and performances to the internet and satellite radio. Through Fiddler's on-campus radio station design and help from a team of designers and web/press professionals, they were able to successfully launch their radio division to the world. Today, RBMA Radio continues to thrive with amazing content from talented artist from around the world.

Fiddler was a featured DJ, performing live for Allen & Heath at the NAMM Show (National Association of Music Merchants). As early as 2006, he has shown off his skills - demonstrating the latest in Allen & Heath technology, while spinning the best in dance music. Allen & Heath is known worldwide as the leader in live performance DJ equipment.

Fiddler has held residencies with Below Zero, XM, Future Bars, and Thump Radio where he produced the weekly XM Satellite Radio (Sirius/XM) show known as "ThumpFunk." For years, ThumpFunk was the premier breaks broadcast on XM, celebrating the busted beats of old skool, nu skool, electro, progressive, psychedelic, and beyond. This two hour nationwide break-fest aired every Monday and Sunday, featuring some of the biggest names in Breaks. Every week, Fiddler brought the funk as Producer, Resident DJ, and Host.

Fiddler was also Host and Producer of "Download," a weekly countdown of the top downloaded tracks at, the online leader in digital dance music. This show aired weekly nationwide across North America and parts of Canada and Mexico.

Along with Satellite Radio, Fiddler was resident DJ and Co-Producer for Thump Radio, which aired nightly on KBIG 104.3FM (now MYFM), one of the largest radio stations in Los Angeles. KBIG FM was recently sold and the Thump Radio show has been dissolved. It has been a great loss for the LA EDM community. More about Fiddler's programming can found on his PRO page.

Fiddler's sets deliver a masterful arrangement of funky and thick rhythms, with natural instrumentation and organic elements. His Breaks sets are seriously solid and are a formidable mix of talent and volume. Just listen to the attention to detail and song selection and you'll hear why Fiddler's contribution to the genre is one of a kind. His remixes shout loud and clear, punctuating his unique style and distinctive ear.

"I guess I've drawn from my background as a drummer for many years, and this has influenced the way I listen to music. I think drummers and other musicians can relate to this. Although song selection is king, I do believe that in many ways it’s not what you play, it’s how you play it and when.”

Fiddler also has a background in live theater sound, sound design and engineering, as well as live percussion. One of his system designs for the CA Revels was published in the theater handbook, Sound and Music for the Theatre by James Lebrecht. It has been considered the theater resource standard textbook.

In his earlier days, he's been known to operate equipment in new and creative ways, always experimenting, always fiddling- hence the name stuck.