Welcome to the new DJ Fiddler Podcast. In the coming shows, I will be featuring mixes highlighting various styles of electronica, including Deep, Tech, Electro, House, Breaks, as well as the many forms of Chill & Downtempo. You'll hear newer tracks, as well as older ones- basically tracks that have moved me and will hopefully inspire you. It's an hour-long experience of great mixing and great music.

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Podcast 04 Breakbeat



This is gonna be a supercharged edition of funky and high energy breaks - injected with hiphop and psychedelic elements. This was a favorite featured mix on my XM Satellite show called Thumpfunk - highlighting a few Fiddler remixes, as well as great tracks from Introspective, D Ranged, Freestylers, and many more.

So let's rev it up here and start the hour off with a great track from Dascyllus. They're a South London based production duo of Tim Nugent and Tom Belton, named after a small tropical reef fish. But there is nothing small about their sound. Home to an incredible label Sinister Recordings, let's begin with one of those first two from Dascylus titled 'Floating Point.'

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