Welcome to the new DJ Fiddler Podcast. In the coming shows, I will be featuring mixes highlighting various styles of electronica, including Deep, Tech, Electro, House, Breaks, as well as the many forms of Chill & Downtempo. You'll hear newer tracks, as well as older ones- basically tracks that have moved me and will hopefully inspire you. It's an hour-long experience of great mixing and great music.

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Podcast 05 Deep House



It's another week of great house music- back for another hour of excellence. This week we'll slide into the deeper side of House, with soulful vocals and immersed sounds from artists including Dennis Ferrer, Terry Lee Brown, and H Foundation. I'm gonna start this show off with one from Roberto Rodriguez out of Helsinki Finland.

Now Roberto has come full circle since his deep house days in the 90's. His party boat sunk, literally, in the Helsinki Harbor and caused him to refocus his life with efforts to get his head back above water. Staying true to his roots, Roberto has emerged with a renewed passion as a top producer, dj, artist, and vocalist. From Compost Records, I begin this hour with a great Roberto Rodriguez track, featuring vocals from Max C, 'Ride With Me.'

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