Welcome to the new DJ Fiddler Podcast. In the coming shows, I will be featuring mixes highlighting various styles of electronica, including Deep, Tech, Electro, House, Breaks, as well as the many forms of Chill & Downtempo. You'll hear newer tracks, as well as older ones- basically tracks that have moved me and will hopefully inspire you. It's an hour-long experience of great mixing and great music.

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Podcast 12 Deep / Tech House



It's time for another great show from I am bringing you another hour of the best in electronic music. This show we're gonna slide it back a bit into the smooth groove of the deeper side of House and Tech House. I've packed this hour with a tech edge and deep emotional energy from artists including an amazing 5 piece British live act known as Crazy P and a truly soulful vocal track from Gregor Salto. I also have new tracks from Dirty Culture, Da Funk, Lukas Greenburg, and featuring a number of tracks influenced by one of my favorite producers right now and one I have featured in past podcasts, Roberto Rodriguez- startin' out with a track from Paulo Olarte titled Siluetas off of Galaktika Records.


Playlist available by request

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