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Sound Design and System Engineering for The Christmas Revels,” a family holiday musical performed annually at the historic Scottish Rite Theater. Jim LeBrecht of Berkeley Sound Artists, Barney Jones of Earwax Productions, and friends at Dolby Labs and Meyer Sound are just a few of the talented folks Fiddler had the pleasure of collaborating with. Fiddler's 1998 system design was published by Jim LeBrecht in the second edition of Sound and Music for the Theatre." Focal Press; Boston, 2000.

"The Christmas Revels is an incomparable holiday show that observes the longest night of the year – the winter solstice – with a blend of ancient folk rituals, songs and dances from a diverse cultural canvas. The result is a celebratory theatrical production. One doesn’t just “go to” the Revels; one participates in a wholly unique experience that is a fundamental part of the Bay Area holiday calendar. The Christmas Revels is steeped in the creation of sacred moments and kinship amongst strangers. At the Revels, the audience is asked to not only hear the music, but to make music, and to leave their seats to dance through the aisles!" NEQA COMM



Sound And Music For The Theatre

The Art and Technique of Design

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Second Edition

Deena Kaye, Private audition and vocal coach; independent sound designer

James LeBrecht, President of Berkeley Sound Artists


This is the only comprehensive text that discusses the aesthetics of sound design for the stage. It is a practical and comprehensive guide to the field of sound design, covering the designer's relationships within the theatre community and detailing the process of sound design. The focus is on design approaches and techniques, rather than equipment operation. For every phase of theatrical production, Sound and Music for the Theatre traces the entire process of sound design from initial concept through finished plan. The book discusses the early evolution of a sound design that supports the play. It discusses how to research sources for music and effects, devise a sound plot, and negotiate in a contract. It explains how to plan the gathering and construction of the sound design elements; how the designer operates in a rehearsal; and how to set up and train an operator to run sound equipment for a theatrical production. The instructive information is interspersed with "war stories" describing real-life problems and solutions that sound designers or composers will be able to apply in similar situations that they may encounter. Also included are two highly informative roundtable discussions with well-respected directors, playwrights, composers and sound designers focusing on sound in the theatre.


Sound design courses from undergraduate to graduate level. Professionals interested in the aesthetic use of sound. Composers and directors will find this book to be an essential guide to the art and science of designing sound for the stage.


The Evolution of Sound Design; The Foundation of Sound Design; Developing the Concept and Design; Research, Resources, and Selection; The Sound Plot; Working with the Theatre Company; Preparing to Build the Cues; Recording, Editing, and Refining Cues; Rehearsals; Running the Show; Approaches and Techniques; Feedback: A Director's and Playwright's Forum; More Feedback: A Sound Designer's and Composer's Forum; Glossary; Additional Resources; Index

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