Red Bull Music Academy



The Red Bull Music Academy brings together DJs and music producers from diverse musical and cultural backgrounds to exchange knowledge and ideas of how life in the music industry works. Their schedule aims to cover all major aspects of DJ culture, including music history, business, technology and production, and of course, skills. A variety of accomplished international guests that include industry movers and shakers, pirate radio station operators, turntablists, and  theorists are invited to meet the students and tell their own stories in their own words. RBMA on XM

In 2005, we started Red Music Academy Radio for their Seattle term, in order to help bring the events and performances to the internet and satellite radio. Through Fidder's on-campus radio station design and help from a team of designers and web/press professionals, they were able to successfully launch their radio division. Content consisted of 24hr internet streaming which included live in-studio shows, pre-produced features of participants and lecturers, and live interviews with Academy guests and members. Along with internet programming, Fiddler produced weekly XM Satellite Radio broadcasts, hosted by Luis Baro and featuring many talented students and guest lecturers throughout the term. RBMA Radio continues to thrive with amazing content from talented artist from around the world.


RBMA iPhone Application @ iTunes